Are you an online entrepreneur looking to grow your list and attract even more clients?  


Would furthering your knowledge of social media advertising be beneficial to you?  


Today’s guest is a ninja at helping other entrepreneurs to scale their business through list building and social media advertising. 


Salome Schillack went from a tired, stressed, hustled-out coach to a successful entrepreneur who teaches others everything she knows about Facebook ads strategy.  


She works with some of the top names in the online marketing world, and she’s on the Epic Success Podcast to share some of her knowledge with you so that you too can grow and scale your business with paid traffic online.  



Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode… 

???? Your mindset makes all the difference as you start building your list, or if you have a list already-to growing that list to higher and higher numbers. Approach your list building game with curiosity and flexibility until you determine what strategies reach your target audience. 

????  How to leverage Facebook ads to scale your business, reach more people who are your target clients, and achieve optimum results for your advertising dollars. 

????  Specific strategies that will grow your email list, both free strategies and paid advertising strategies, which is essential to scaling your online business. 


Would you like to learn more from Salome? Check out her website  Shine and Succeed to discover all that she has to offer, and learn how she helps others to reach more people, sell their online courses and attract more coaching clients. 

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