Overcoming The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made Bringing My Business Online with Dr. Shannon Irvine - Dr Shannon Irvine

Do you ever feel like you and your business are the best kept secrets?

You’re working as hard as you can to take your business to the next level, but just can’t seem to cross the threshold into the massive growth you know you’re capable of AND just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something holding you back.

I have a question for you – have you ever stopped yourself from stepping into something you felt called to do, or really wanted to do, because you were scared? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself:

“What if I make a mistake?”

“What if no one shows up – or, what if no one likes what I have to offer?”

“Will I be judged for this, what will people think?”

These are called brain automations – and they’ll keep us in an endless cycle of fear until we let go of them.

Guess what? I’ve been there! I’ve felt my fair share of fear surrounding my business, and I’ve made several mistakes along the way. 

I have good news for you though – mistakes are not permanent, and it’s possible to step into all that you are called to, in life and in business, completely free of those automations that keep you stuck.

This week on the Epic Success podcast, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it looked like when I brought my business online, some of the mistakes I made, and how to overcome the things that are blocking you from stepping into true momentum and growth in your business. 

It’s my passion to see you step into all that you’re capable of! Ready to let go of those pesky automations that keep you stuck in fear? Let’s go!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • I think the consistent thing that helped me be successful over these last 200 episodes and these last few years growing my business online is just a ‘knowing’.

    Through training your brain, you form a network in your brain geared towards success. When you form that network, your brain automates beliefs of success – as if it’s already done. Failures happen, and things won’t always go the way we want them to – but through training our brain for success, we can create networks that create a sense of ‘knowing’ we’re successful, even when disappointments and mistakes happen. [7:17]
  • If you’re in doubt, in self-doubt, and you don’t have that ‘knowing’, the only reason that exists is because your brain has networks that are working against you.

    Once you know how your brain is wired – not through some super secret strategy, but a science-based NeuroCoaching Model™ of self-transformation, you can truly begin to step into your ‘knowing’ and self doubt begins to disappear. [8:18]

The world doesn’t need a version 2.0 of you – the world needs the unique and gifted you, just free of those pesky automations, so you can step into all that you’re called to. 

It’s 2021 – time to go all in! You are the creator of your own thoughts, and you have the ability and power to step into your ‘knowing’ and unleash massive growth in your life and your business!

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Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success Podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “Just what the Dr. ordered!”:

Each time I open my podcast app I’m hoping there’s a new one from Dr. Shannon. This podcast and the lessons taught literally apply to everyone because we all have a brain that we need to take back control of. Thank you!

I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Success with more people!

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