Are you ever your own bully? Do you ever find that you’re telling yourself “I just don’t have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?” We are always so much harder on ourselves than we are on others. I go in depth about the simple steps required to rewire our limiting thoughts so we can overcome a scarcity mindset and fulfill our potential on this week’s episode.

Christina Nicholson interviewed me on her podcast, Become A Media Maven, and brought to the surface a belief that “rewiring our thoughts sounds hard.” I really embraced this opportunity to break down the step-by-step process and neuro-hacking.

If you’ve ever thought, “what’s holding me back” then grab your pen and notebook because you’ll love this episode as I share how simple it is to change your brain for breakthrough results.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You can actually wire your brain for the success you’ve been craving.”

It’s not as hard as we think it is. Our brains are super systematic. There’s a brain-based, process-driven way to remove those limiting thoughts and start to truly build the neural-networks to make success much easier and effortless. For many people, that just seems like a great Instagram quote but the reality is, you are the creator of your thoughts and have the power to rewire your brain to bring you the results you most desire. [6:44]

  • “The easiest and fastest way to grow and scale your business to the place you want it to be is to take your thinking off of autopilot and start to hardwire your subconscious mind to believe exactly what you want so that your brain can start bringing it to you.”

Your subconscious always wins. This is great if what’s on autopilot is serving you. You can build new pathways to replace the ones that aren’t serving you. And those results become what you see around you right now. [10:36]

  • “Brain-priming is literally that simple of a process. It could be our number one competitive advantage, but you have to practice it and make it a part of your daily process of becoming the very best version of yourself.”

Like Christina, you may wonder, “but how do I become aware of the limiting thoughts I have running my subconscious?” Begin by becoming the neutral observer of what you’re thinking in a given day. Then filter those thoughts through the questions, “Is this serving me where I want to go? Or is this keeping me where I don’t want to be?” Get curious. Listen to the full episode to hear me share my step-by-step mind-matrix process for changing your brain for breakthrough results. [18:45]

I loved ending this interview by sharing a few of my favorite client success stories. Carl and Amy are real-life examples of entrepreneurs who turned their lives and businesses around by following my brain-priming process.

So what about you? What scarcity thinking do you want to be done with once and for all?

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