Neurohacking Your Brain With Ben Cote Brain Science of Success Series: Creating Success From The Inside Out - Dr Shannon Irvine

Whether you think you can or think you can’t…

You’re right. 

Henry Ford said that in 1947 and he had a point.

The things you think will play out in your day-to-day life. And lucky for us…

Our brain is wired in such a way that we can neurohack what we want!


We can be the creator of our thoughts. You can be the creator of your thoughts. And in turn, create the reality you’ve always dreamed of having. 

This week is the sixth week in our podcast series: The Brain Science of Success. I’ve invited some of my colleagues and leading doctors to come talk with you over the next few weeks about how to maximize the power of your brain to work for you – and not against you! 

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with Ben Cote about neurohacking your brain to achieve success in your life and in your business. 

Ben Cote is the Director of Brand & Community at Neurohacker Collective and is a part of pioneering complex systems in science for human optimization and longevity – specifically with the brain and how it is wired.

I’m excited to see you neurohack your brain for success!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • You are in control of your life and you are in control of your health and well being.”

2020 has turned out to be less than the majority of us have expected. But 2020 has collectively taught us how to slow down, evaluate where we’re at, and then decide what we want our life to look like. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns and everything in between, we get to choose how we want to live and decide for ourselves the success we want to achieve in each area of our lives. And you can get your brain on the same page. [3:18]

  • The mind affects so much throughout the body and all of it is connected.”

I say it all the time – Your thoughts will create your reality. The things you think and the things you tell yourself hold so much power over the way you live your life in the day-to-day. And those thoughts, your mind, has a big affect on your body – the way you move, the way you react, the way you interact with people, and everything in between. [7:30]

  • It’s super important to pay attention to what you are putting in your mind.”

We take care of our bodies by making sure we eat right and exercise and get enough sleep at night. In that same way, we should be paying attention to what we are putting into our minds. The news we watch, the social media we obsess over, the music we listen to in the background is all feeding our subconscious and setting the tone for our days. Be aware and make sure you’re feeding your mind healthy content. [43:10]

Are you ready to shape your subconscious, rewire your brain, and neurohack your way to success?

I know you are!

You can be the creator of your thoughts and choose the things you think and the things you tell yourself. You can also do this for your subconscious thoughts – the ones you don’t even know you’re thinking.

When you are the creator of your thoughts, you will create the reality you really want. I see this in you and am here to help you along your way!

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Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success Podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “Loving the delivery :o)”:

Dr. Shannon gives a unique take with amazing delivery on tying all these topics together to apply in business and in life. Really enjoying the flow of the show and her voice!”

I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Success with more people!

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