I love that I have so many entrepreneurs in my tribe, like you, who are go-getters, working to make things happen and trying to gain traction. The thing that I most see standing in the way between you and your biggest goals is fear.

Fear often leads to procrastination, playing small and sabotage.

Your brain is wired to keep you safe, not to build a highly profitable business.

Today on the Epic Success Podcast, I’m sharing a neuro-hack that will help you break free from fear and move you towards the successful business you want. It has gotten me and my clients great results! I want the same for YOU.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck on this side of fear and are ready to gain real momentum towards your goals, this episode is for you!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “What you’re looking to do is on the other side of fear, safety, procrastination, and sabotage.”

I learned this ‘Power of 5’ Principle from Jack Canfield years ago. It’s a simple process, yet not many do it. Listen in to hear the simple steps to take in order to neuro-hack your way past fear. You’re never going to get what you want by staying on the side of not asking for it. [2:40]

  • “The prize goes to the one who keeps going.

The illusion is that we’re going to get to a euphoric state where we won’t feel fear. That’s just not true. It’s the consistency in going after what you really want, even when there’s no evidence of it coming to pass that really gets you momentum. When you sit on this side of fear and never ask, you stay in safety and familiar. As you believe more about what you’re putting out there, the more the world believes in what you put out there. [6:14]

  • “What happens when you start using this neuro-hack is you start building a bridge to 100% belief and stop feeding the neuro-network that tells you it’s not going to work.”

If you let the “nos” become the evidence for why you shouldn’t put it out there, then you’ll become a part of the 97% who stop ¼ inch short of gold. But if you use the ‘Power of 5’ neuro-hack everyday, you’ll see your mission and vision come to life! It’s really not about the daily 5 actions. It’s about the person you become by consistently putting your vision and mission out there. [12:44]

You are always advocating for either your limiting beliefs or the best version of yourself in service of others. This neuro-hack helps you become an advocate for your best self and all those who will benefit from what you have to offer.

Are you willing to step into the ‘Power of 5’? If so, I want to hear what ‘Power of 5’ action you are committed to doing! On socials, tag me and say “I’m in for the Power of 5.” I can’t wait to see what action you’re committed to and to cheer you on!

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