Brain priming, neuro-pathways, reticular activating system, oh my! 

If you’ve hung around me on social media for more than 2 minutes or are in my Epic Success tribe, then you’ve heard all of those things come out of my mouth in giddy excitement. It’s no secret that I totally geek out about the brain and am impassioned to help YOU create more epic success in your life and business with the power of your brain! 

In addition to mastering our minds, it’s also so important to have a mentor to help us see our blind spots and become the best versions of ourselves. James Wedmore has been that mentor to me who helped me move my offline practice to the online world to YOU! 

I had the privilege and pleasure to sit down with James as he interviewed me for his podcast, Mind Your Business. I really dive into neuro-hacking in this interview and give tangible action-steps that you can take today to create the success you desire. 

Get your pen and paper ready to take notes and start identifying the stories that are holding you back so you can begin to write a story you’re excited to live out. 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are: 

  • “Our brains use 70-80% of our body’s energy in a day so that’s why it programs and automates as much as it can in the reticular activating system” 

It’s a beautiful system, unless you don’t have it programmed for the things you want. I see this so much with online entrepreneurs: what they want to have happen consciously, and what they’re telling themselves constantly and programming their subconscious mind with are two different things. They create cognitive dissonance. [12:36] 

  • “It’s powerful when you realize all the hardwiring is there in your brain to bring you everything you want, if you feed it the right things.” 

It’s the law of sowing and reaping. It’s a neutral system: it will either bring in more of what you don’t want or more of what you do want once you’re conscious of it. Our thoughts are energy. What we put out into the world comes back to us. [18:35]  

  • “When you lean into resistance… and challenge your thinking, your subconscious mind is so much more accessible to unveiling the story that’s there.”  

Our brain thinks in stories. Our lives are a reflection of us living out those stories. The stories live at a subconscious level. We ALL have stories to access, put on trial, and replace with a new story. Shannon shares a really powerful exercise to help you identify & refute limiting beliefs that feel true but are holding you back. [37:37] 

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And of course for more business mindset with James Wedmore, listen to his Mind Your Business Podcast

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