Take a look at your to-do list or schedule. It’s usually right beside you at all times or floating in your head as you work through each day. Is self-care written down after the long list of must-dos for your business or tucked after household chores and family events? Is it even on your schedule?


I feel ya. Your health seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list while you show up for your clients and your loved ones. Telling yourself that you’ll get to the gym or start eating better today turns into tomorrow, next week, next month….


Today’s guest on the Epic Success Podcast has been there and back. My coach, Natalie Jill of Natalie Jill Fitness, has transformed her life and business from being a struggling single mom to becoming one of the top health and fitness experts out there. With her coaching and 7-Day Jumpstart program helping hundreds of thousands break down the thinking behind their actions, she is here to kick-start your change from the inside out and get your health back on track!



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:

–  “Start changing that pattern with the right people and right influences” As you level up your business, it can be too easy to let self-care fall away. Rather than believe that you and your business have to be perfect, rewire your thoughts and change your actions to align with the Epic Life you desire. The right coach, podcast, or blog will get you out of your own head and onto the Path to Success. [18:34]

–  “If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there”Start the mindset shift by making a decision to own your past and commit to your future. Your new life starts right now, so write out a clear vision for yourself. What do you want to look and feel like? Dive deep into your whys and let them motivate you as you change your body and life from the inside out. [27:45]

–  “Un-process your diet”As you change your thinking, you can start planning out the foods that will bring you closer to becoming that person you envision. Start simple and go back to basics with natural food. Your body will stop working so hard to cope with the inflammation caused by processed food, bringing you more energy and focus for everything you set out to do. [33:55]


As an Entrepreneur, it can feel like your business is pulling you in one direction while you try to balance your family life and other commitments in the other. Practicing self-care will re-energize you and help you bring your vision to life. Reconnect with experiences which fulfill you and step into the best version of yourself today!


Hop over and subscribe to Natalie’s new podcast Levelling Up – Creating Everything from Nothing to hear from High-Level Entrepreneurs who overcame immense obstacles in their journeys to business and fitness success! Learn more about the 7-Day Jumpstart at NatalieJillFitness.com and stay tuned for her upcoming book ‘Aging in Reverse’!



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