You may be holding yourself back when it comes to your business results and not even realize it.

We all have repeated patterns – ways of thinking and acting – we’ve created throughout our lives. These patterns give us a glimpse into what’s going on automatically in our minds. 

The problem is, these patterns don’t just affect one area of our lives. They pop up throughout all areas so that how you do one thing is going to be how you do all things. In other words, we can’t expect to ignore patterns in one area of our lives and think we’re going to dodge those patterns in our business.

Ouch, right? The truth is, you can’t outperform your automations … but you CAN use them to your advantage! 

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, we’re going to talk about patterns, how they work, and how you can hack patterns and turn them into positive beliefs that become automatic responses.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • What patterns are and why they affect all areas of our lives. 

Did you know patterns actually exist to make your life easier? Our brains are amazing at taking thought patterns you’ve repeated over and over and automating them so you don’t even have to think about it anymore. I’ll let you in on how that works, and how you can leverage this for your benefit.

  • Why you can’t out perform, out hustle, or out motivate your patterns. 

Patterns start in daily moments and decisions and stack from there. By the time they’ve repeated 67 times, they hit your subconscious and becomes an automation. What that means is that automation is now firing without your permission or knowledge. 

  • How to micro-stalk your patterns to create positive automations.

We have the power to recognize patterns and stop negative ones in their tracks. I’ll also break down how you can consciously choose to notice negative patterns and replace them with positive ones.

Listen in to the whole episode now to learn how to disrupt negative patterns on purpose and create new, positive patterns.

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