This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for. No more second-guessing your business decisions or thinking that success will never come your way. Get ready to leave behind those limiting beliefs and harness the power of your brain to create the reality you envision! 

Today on the Epic Success Podcast, I bring you Part 3 of my new podcast series: Hardwiring the Brain for Success! I’m here to dive deep into brain priming so that you can learn how to program your subconscious to achieve the life and business you desire.  

It’s time to master your neural-hacking skills and bring success to you! Let’s get started!



The biggest take-aways from this episode are:  

–       “A life of generosity, trust, and openness” 

Imagine living without hustle, strain, and tension. A life where you crush every goal that you set and live out your best self in your home and business. As you learn how brain priming rewires your brain to work for you rather than against you, you must trust that your brain is going to make this kind of life happen for you. [7:29] 

–       “Your brain needs to feel it, hear it, and see it” 

A quick question for my Entrepreneurs: is it easier or harder to achieve your goal if your brain already knows what this success feels like? What it looks like when you break through to that mind-blowing level in your business? I break down the steps to get you started on envisioning that success you crave and priming your brain to experience it before it even happens. [10:21] 

–      “Your brain will know what to do before it happens” 

Use audio recordings to prepare your brain for the life and business you envision. Try my favorite deep breathing pattern to allow this process to set into your subconscious. Listen in to find out the best times of the day to practice your brain priming and get started on bringing that reality you desire to live! [15:56]  

Tap into your brain’s wiring and program in thoughts and emotions which align to the kind of life you desire. Leave behind the hustling mindset and believe that your brain will bring this success to you. Trust the process and open up to the possibilities that await you. It’s time to step into the best version of yourself and live out your Epic Life and Business!    

I have created these special 2-Part A.M. and P.M. audio Brain Priming Visualizations where I guide you to rewire your self-defeating thoughts, to write a new story that aligns with your business goals, and to program the truth. Get started with these free Brain Priming Visualizations and update me on your brain priming progress on Facebook and Instagram 


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