Question for all of my Entrepreneurs! Do you have a fear of failure behind your decisions on growing your business? Are you worried about being judged if you make a mistake or your business does not thrive and reach that next level?  


You are not alone! Every entrepreneur has gone through that, even those Super Ninjas rocking 8-Figure businesses. I am here to break down what is standing in your way from getting to that next level!  


You can create the stories to drive your business forward. You can harness the power of your mind to make the impact you desire and achieve your Epic Life and Business!   



The biggest takeaways from this episode are:  

????      “Let Fear ignite you into that next level” 

Fear of failure is a driving force behind most entrepreneurs but rather than succumb to that gnawing fear, you have the power to channel it into actions to disprove those limiting thoughts. Harness that fear and turn it into feelings of excitement and curiosity! [5:51] 

????    “We are the creator of our thoughts”  

By internally repeating fear-based stories about your success and potential, you are programming your inner mind to automate these beliefs and drive your actions to match them. Our thoughts are on auto-pilot, but it is time for you to stop the cycle and actively create the truth aligned to the reality you envision. [15:14] 

????  “Defining what success really means for you now, defining what failure means” 

Uncover the stories behind these personalized definitions and embrace the learning opportunity behind every perceived failure. Small failures along the Path to Success are stepping stones for finding out what works for you and your business. [40:56] 


Listen in carefully as I live-coach a fellow entrepreneur through her fear of failure as I bet you may have felt the way. We dig deeper into the stories she and so many other entrepreneurs tell themselves which hold us back from our potential to succeed.  


You learn to start to interrupt the patterns of limiting thoughts and challenge the stories driving all your actions, behind your success- and money-related stories. Doubts and fears do not deserve to run your business. Instead, You can Hardwire your Success!  



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