Now that you’ve figured out if you’re a Visionary or an Integrator (check out last week’s podcast episode to get caught up!), are you ready to see what building your business as a successful Visionary/Integrator duo is all about? Get set for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at operating a Multi-7-Figure business with fun and energy!  

Whether you’re starting out or looking to grow, my friend Jilly Cedeno is going to break it all down for you! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jilly as Integrator and Project Manager for my mentor James Wedmore, and she is on the Epic Success Podcast today to share her insider secrets for productive partnerships and seamless launches!

Listen in to find out how their team is wired for success and why Jilly is known as “The Launch Queen”!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:  

–      Structure has created such freedom in our business”  

Having a clear structure for your business gives the Visionary space to think big and set Epic business goals. Start aligning your business to your values today by following Jilly’s tips for building an empowered and engaged team. [2:31] 

–       How does a Visionary work well with an Integrator?” 

The Visionary aims high with their ideas and the Integrator carries them out within their zone of genius. Tune in for Jilly’s advice on avoiding common pitfalls as you build a healthy and dynamic partnership. [11:41] 

–      The magic is in the debrief” 

Make your dream launch a reality with mind-blowing secrets from the Launch Queen herself! Challenge your limiting beliefs and work in your strengths throughout your low-stress launch. After your cart closes, use launch debriefs to optimize the process and maximize your impact on your tribe. [20:53] 

As you hardwire your success, start re-aligning your goals to your vision and harnessing your Visionary and Integrator gifts. Build your core team and allow yourself to bring your dream to life. The world is ready for your genius so it’s time to step into your truest self and level up your business! 

Connect with Jilly and join the Business by Design waitlist to be notified when BBD re-opens! To dive deeper into the world of Visionaries and Integrators, Rocket Fuel is a must-read! 

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