Do you surround yourself with people who encourage you to reach your goals, or are they just along for the ride? Who you let into your environment is essential to how you will reach your goals. Likeminded individuals can see your vision even when you can’t see it. Find people who hold you accountable for your goals and encourage you to reach for the stars. 

The lone wolf syndrome can be hard to overcome. As an entrepreneur, you do everything to move the needle but never get closer to your goal. You’re too close to the situation to realize the roadblocks are holding you back. It takes other people to come into the fold and say, “This is what I see in you. You are capable, but you must let go of the thing weighing you down and holding you back.”

Put yourself in an environment that allows you to see your blind spots!

Everyone alive will face some sort of obstacle at some point in life. It might be a heartbroken teenager or a work or family issue, but you can’t let those obstacles be the chains that hold you back from achieving your goals. Dr. Shannon gives you the tools you need to cut those chains off your ankles so you can run toward your goals. 

The part of your mind that fires for intuition is silent when fear is in the front seat. Kick fear to the curb and release the chains holding you back from your dreams. In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, you will learn how your environment plays a part in your success and how fear is the thief of your dreams. 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Set meaningful goals. 

There is vast information in the world, and trying to sift through it can be overwhelming. Dr. Shannon explains how you can take all the information and turn it into inspiration, which leads to revelation, allowing you to take action! 

  • How proximity of environment affects your goals. 

Blind spots can take you out of the rhythm of reaching your goal, and often you can’t see what your own blind spots are. That’s why you need to be in an environment that holds your vision and holds you to the dream you see behind your eyes. 

  • You create your own economy.

You possess the one percent God gave you to impact the world. It doesn’t matter what others in the world around you are doing. YOU retain the ability to share your gift and influence people. Do not let fear steal away your intuition to live your one percent.

Have you ever set goals, gone all in for a couple of weeks, and then got overwhelmed by how to actually get from where you are now to the accomplishment of that goal?

You find yourself frustrated by the slow progress as you watch the markets and the economy rapidly shift and change. You know success loves speed … but you don’t know how to speed things up.

The 67-Day Year program not only provides you with the step-by-step training and guidance on the exact same method my students and I use to accomplish a year’s worth of goals in a quarter of the time …

… but it also primes your brain to allow success and remove the blocks, obstacles, and blind spots that hold you back.

And when you apply it all in partnership with accountability and coaching from my neuro coaches and me, breakthrough results happen. 

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