We’re in the middle of a rebrand for The Epic Success Podcast and we’re so excited to share it with you in this episode!

After a week with my incredible mastermind, surrounded by entrepreneurs who are trying to uplevel every area of their lives, I realized that I want more for you than just a general epic success.

I want to help you TRAIN your brain to reach 7 figures and beyond. (Because it’s not about willpower or better strategies!)

To think like a 7-figure entrepreneur, you can’t just try harder. You need a brain-based approach that shows you how to allow the next level of success to happen.

The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:

  1. Cracking that 7-figure code is 90% how you think + 10% strategy! (This is the key to going from 5 figures to 6 and 7 and beyond)
  2. You can create incredible generosity and freedom at 7 figures and beyond once you train your brain to allow success
  3. It all starts with knowing what patterns exist in your brain and whether they are helping you or blocking you

Ready to finally get on the path you’re meant to go down and catapult to the next level in your business… all while using your God-given gifts to help others? Don’t miss this episode!

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To your success,
Dr. Shannon Irvine