Do you ever feel like you’re pumping out tons of valuable content…but just not getting the results and traction you desire? Does something in your messaging feel just a tad bit off but you just can’t put your finger on how to make it more compelling? Then this is the episode for you!

I’m so excited to talk with Brandon Lucero today on the Epic Success podcast about how important messaging, thought reversal,and effective video strategies are for entrepreneurs to use to connect with your people. Brandon is a ninja at taking copy and messaging to identify where a business can really connect with their audience.

Brandon is the founder of Sold With Video and creator of the Video 4x Effect. His proven methodology shifts how online content is created and distributed. The approach is based on changing beliefs, shifting perspective and the psychology of selling products online so you can move your audience into a buying state of mind while growing your brand.

Speaking from personal experience, by applying Brandon’s messaging methods, my last launch tripled in revenue! I want that for you too!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

-“Messaging is everything.”

You can keep on pumping out content and videos, but if your messaging isn’t there, you won’t see results. Hear why Brandon says How-tos and large quantities of consistent video content isn’t working for you. [10:34]

-“People play too much into the middle with copy and what you do.”

Brandon’s passion is to get you to stand out by standing for something. Playing in the middle, where most people play, is the slow lane and doesn’t get as much traction. Hear what Brandon says keeps entrepreneurs in the middle in their messaging and what to do to move into the fast lane. [11:22]

-”Look in your industry at the beliefs that people have taken on as truths then use influence persuasion tactics to destroy that belief.”

Once you’ve shattered that belief for them, they are an open playing field for you to lay down the new belief. Brandon’s goal is to shift society by destroying old beliefs through content. Listen to hear the step-by-step examples Brandon shares of how you can use thought reversal in your business content. [21:19]

As you hear in this episode, Brandon is dedicated to helping you refine your communication and  messaging to shift your business for more impact with ease. Follow Brandon on Facebook, join The New Generation Entrepreneur Facebook group, and grab your handbook for “Video 4 X Effects.”

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