What happens when the client attraction strategies that worked in the industry two years ago no longer work today?

You have to make a shift and start doing what IS working. It’s time to start using communication effectively in today’s new economy so you don’t get left behind.

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m talking with Christina Jandali, the go-to expert on helping people fill their groups with raving fans. She shares her take on the challenges entrepreneurs are facing today and how to turn those challenges into opportunities.

This interview is part of the Modern Money-Making Methods Summit series, where I’m talking with the experts about what’s working today when it comes to getting consistent clients online so you can get a seat at the table, showcase your generosity, and pivot your business to succeed!

Old methods of selling have STOPPED working. If you don’t shift your business soon, you might get left in the dust. If you’re struggling to pivot your business in the new economy we’re facing, you’ll love hearing from industry leaders who reveal what’s working NOW.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • The myth about content. Although it’s tempting to think that the more high-value content we give to our audiences, the more they’ll want to reach out to us, that’s just not true. Christina breaks down how how to use content effectively today and what really moves the needle when it comes to client attraction.
  • Maintenance content vs. conversation content. Did you know there are actually two different kinds of content every entrepreneur needs to be creating, and they have completely different purposes? Christina breaks down maintenance and conversation content and gives tips on how to best use both to grow your business.
  • From leads to buyers. Christina explains what’s working today when it comes to turning leads to buyers. She gives us the two must-have skill sets that can help give you the information you need to stay ahead of the curve and communicate well with your ideal clients in a way that has them clamoring to hire you.

It’s really that simple! Mastering the two core skill sets you need for your business to thrive today means you can get fancy about tactics and strategies later.

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To your success,

Dr. Shannon Irvine

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