We’ve been talking about unlocking your limitless potential recently and I’m so excited about the thousands of people jumping on board, ready to break through their glass ceiling. 

As a driven entrepreneur who wants to change the world, you know that breaking through to the other side is not the end of the journey – it’s only the beginning. 

Once you’re on the other side, you feel empowered and limitless, and you go on to do things you’ve never done before. 

And as you come to that new vantage point and start to see what’s possible, your desire for more impact grows, and your drive gets bigger to serve even more people. 

Oftentimes we view success as a destination. 

“If I could just get to x.” 

“Once I make x dollars a month.” 

“I know that when I achieve x then I will…” 

But success is not an ‘x marks the spot’ location on a treasure map. 

It’s not the final destination, it’s part of the journey. 

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m talking with former client of mine and all around incredible human being, Julia Black from The Lights On Mum. Julia is one of those people who has a big mission, a big vision, and a big calling. I can’t help but brag about her and her work in the field of education with both parents and children, helping them tap into how they’re wired in terms of their learning. 

If you’re ready to start your success journey, listen in! 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • It is not the external that will make us happy and successful in life.” 

It’s the internal thought process that happens within ourselves. Once we master that, we realize that no matter where life goes or whatever our experience, we can be happy by choice. We do not have to be limited by circumstance. [8:27]

  • Success is not linear.

We look at accomplishment as if it’s linear. As if it just goes up, without any dips. But if you listen to the 1% talk about their success in business, they’ll tell you it was the failures that were the catapults. We often aren’t ready to hear that because we haven’t done the internal work that redefines failure. I touch so much more on this in the live event, so make sure you register!   [14:58]

  • It’s when the fail comes, and how you respond to it.

Failure is inevitable, and it’s there to teach you something. There are tools that can enable you to rewire how you look at failure and how it impacts your journey. You don’t have to put on a cozy blanket and grab a box of cookies and throw a pity party on the couch. You are capable of finding the lesson in failure and moving forward and accelerating.  [26:50]

It’s so exciting when there is no longer a limitation on what you can do. 

When you have that feeling deep in the marrow of your bones, knowing that you are capable and that there is more for you. 

I want, so badly, to help you access that part of you. 

And I know you’re ready.

You’re committed to the journey.

Committed to every single day, showing up and finding out where that potential can take you. 

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This podcast is so motivational and inspiring. As a Christian woman just starting out as an entrepreneur, I have found so much motivation and inspiration from the Epic Success Podcast. I really appreciate Shannon’s Christian foundation, even though Christianity isn’t the focus. I really enjoyed the recent episode about building a tribe. It’s so important for women to support women. Thank you for listening to God’s calling and publishing this podcast!

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