If you’ve been following along on my journey for a little bit, you know I don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

I’ve loved creating a space where people of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together to learn more about the brain science of success!

Today’s episode is a topic that’s been on my heart for a while, and it’s about a myth that I can’t wait to debunk.

This week on the Epic Success podcast, I’m diving into a conversation about faith and science. A common thread that I see weaved within these two subject areas is the notion that they are conflicting ideas – and I can’t wait to shed some light on how they actually coexist really beautifully within the brain! I know this topic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – so I appreciate you listening with an open mind, and if it doesn’t resonate – that’s okay, too!

If you’re ready to dive in – grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • I see a direct correlation between faith and science.

When I look at the scriptures and what God says about how we’re wired, I see everything I’ve learned on my neuropsychology journey – neuroplasticity, synaptic pruning, managing your neurochemicals, brain frequencies, all of it! Listen to this episode to hear more about my research and findings on the correlation between neuroscience and God’s word. [2:19]

I want to leave you with one question: 

No matter where you are in your journey and no matter what you believe – are you showing up and stepping into all that you’re capable of?

I believe that YOU showing up and going all in with your calling is glorifying to God, and it’s honoring to you and those you serve.

The way that we wire success into our neural networks – the brain science of success – is validated by scripture and was set in stone before our journeys even started.

We were always intended to live this way – it’s God’s design for you and your life, and I think it’s so amazing the ways in which we can utilize neuroscience to tap into and unleash massive success through training our brains. 

So, are you showing up and stepping into all that you are and all that you’re capable of?

You’re capable, worthy and designed for success – so grab ahold of the YOU and the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Cheering you on every step of the way!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You want to help people have a better life.

You want to create a life of freedom, impact, and legacy for yourself and your family.

And yet…you don’t know EXACTLY what to do or what product to sell in order to make that dream a reality.

Have I hit the mark?

Let me ask you: what would be possible if you had a good coach, a good plan, and somebody that believed in you until you could believe in yourself?

I’ll tell you: your whole life would change.

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Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success Podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “Love this show!”:

Dr. Shannon is such an inspiration and so knowledgeable about all things business! I love the value she places on faith and the importance of honoring God first and foremost.

I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Success with more people!

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