If you’re a person of faith, then listen up!

The vast majority of business advice and strategies often take God out of the equation, but if you believe in God, then I recommend you turn towards HIM and His principles, even in business, so you can experience all He has for you.

We have an EXTRA SPECIAL guest I cannot wait to introduce you to. We are joined by Cayla Craft, a highly successful entrepreneur, business coach, and podcast host.

I invited Cayla to join me because she brings a unique perspective to entrepreneurship by integrating faith and an abundance mindset into her business to foster spiritual growth and business success.

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, we discuss the transformational power of trusting in God’s provision, resting in His presence, and embracing biblical principles for financial prosperity. 

Tune in to discover how aligning your business with God’s plan can lead to exponential growth and fulfillment.

The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:

  1. Making the shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. This happens when we trust God’s provision and multiply resources through giving and investing. It also requires us to continually set fears and doubts aside and rely on God.

  2. How to seek God’s guidance and rest in His presence. We do this by prioritizing prayer, seeking signs, and surrendering to God’s will. Reading scripture and allowing it to renew your mind is another key component. We talk about how to center your business routines around God.

  3. The importance of being surrounded by a faith-based community. Acknowledge the influence of business peers and seek those who align with biblical values. There is a spiritual battle in the marketplace, and you must stay rooted in faith.

  4. Embracing God’s promotion and experiencing overflow. Recognize that success comes from God’s favor and divine promotion. Align your business goals with God’s purposes and use financial freedom for His glory, and allow God to show off through your life.

These principles have the power to transform your life, and I’m so grateful Cayla Craft came on the show today to share her unique perspective on integrating faith and business. Take action on what we’ve discussed today, and watch your world EXPAND!

To connect with Kayla Craft and learn more about her work, visit CaylaCraft.com or listen to her podcast, “The Crafted Entrepreneur with Cayla Craft.”

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Dr. Shannon Irvine

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