Did you know that the way most people are taught to approach habits is absolutely the opposite of how your brain creates habits?

New habits are hard to form. You should know, because you’ve you’ve tried everything. You’ve tried to use willpower. You’ve tried to put it in your calendar. You’ve tried to do all the things to create the habit, but something seems to get in the way.

So how to do we do it then? How are habits formed, and it is even possible to keep them when the bad habits we have now are so deeping ingrained?

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m going to give you two keys to hacking your brain’s habit system so that you can install new habits quickly and help you get you massive momentum and results.

If you want to learn how to create micro habits that tap into the power already available to you in your mind, then turn up the volume and join me! Then you’ll become the version of yourself that you see behind your eyes. 


The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Why creating habits is so hard.

We all have so many things going on that we live in a constant state of overwhelm. Our brains use “busy” as a dopamine injection, and always looking for the next hit. Listen to learn how the key to building your business or having a life you love is managing the system that’s always telling you to do more. [5:01]

  • The real definition of what a habit is and how that affects the way your brain sees habits.

Our brains literally have the power to release neurochemicals that automates behaviors. Did you know you can hack into your brain’s systems to create beliefs that become habits that you automatically do without even thinking about it? [6:57]

  • Why willpower doesn’t work and what to do instead.

Our brains uses two different neurochemicals to motivate you pain and pleasure. What’s safe and familiar is where our brains want us to stay. Anything new is seen as a threat, and your brain will fight against it. Trying harder won’t help. Instead, we have to hack the brain’s habit systems and stop relying on willpower to work because willpower doesn’t really keep you safe.

Listen in to the whole episode now to learn how to start creating micro habits that become automatic behaviors.

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