Are you ready to reframe the way you think about your business? Because today’s episode may very well change your brand for the rest of your life.  


Is your interest piqued yet? 


I am pleased to introduce you to married couple Colin and Sarah Boyd, your new go-to people when it comes to growing your business and developing the superpowers you need to move forward in your industry.  


Colin and Sarah bring to the entrepreneur table diverse expertise, but they both have the same mission: to teach us crazy entrepreneurs how to successfully navigate our niche, online and offline. 


Sarah is a neuroscientist who is an international authority in leadership and emotional resilience. After receiving the news that she was diagnosed with cancer, along with additional ailments along the way, she learned that anyone can discover beauty, meaning and hope in hard places. From that moment on, she reframed her mind toward success and now teaches her clients and audience to do this same in their business and life.  


Colin has served not only as a rock for his wife and children but her partner in business. Colin is an expert in communication, productivity and EQ strategies, and that is exactly why companies like Hewlett Packard, Fuji Xerox, Gloria Jeans, LS Travel Retail “engage him to train their leaders”. 



These are the “can’t miss” highlights:  

  • The reason and exact steps they took to move their business from offline to online.  
  • The answer to: “Why do some people get everything they want, and others don’t?”. (Hint: it has nothing to do with laziness!).  
  • How to reframe your mind after a “failed launch”. (guess what? It didn’t fail!). 
  • How their family’s hard times helped shape their approach to business and life. 
  • Tips on how to prepare for speaking engagements intelligently and confidently (Remember these 3 key words: vulnerability, tension and triumph).  


Sarah and Colin are incredible business mentors and role models, and this interview will teach you vital tips on how to be strong, resilient and confident in your brand and message. 


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