Take a moment and reflect on your Facebook group. Are you having trouble building an engaged and enthusiastic group? Do you wish you could grow it quicker? Or have you put off creating one because you are still mystified about how to get started? 

Sounds like today’s bonus podcast episode is tailor-made for you! My friend Christina Jandali from Deliver Your Genius is back on the Epic Success Podcast to teach you how to grow your business organically through Facebook groups. 

Christina uses her Superpower to help Entrepreneurs like you bring your best genius out to the world. Her proven strategies will help you grow an engaged Facebook group so that you can serve your tribe at a deeper level.  

By following Christina’s program, my Facebook group grew 500x in a matter of days! Listen in to find out how you can do it too! 



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:  

–      Serve first, build trust” 

A Facebook group builds a community and pulls your audience into the conversation. Get to know your members and tune into what they are looking for. By providing a safe environment for their interaction and following Christina’s strategies, you can ask the right questions and find out how you can best serve your members. [6:29] 

–      Build a tribe that gets You and that you can deeply serve” 

Whether you are starting your first Facebook group or scaling up your current one, focus on filling it with the right members for your business. This extends from the name and description to the content and promotion so that your Facebook group reaches your ideal clients. As it grows, be disciplined about only keeping members who cultivate the engaged group environment you want to build. [12:20]    

–      Leave a trail of breadcrumbs to your offer” 

Help your members see the value of your product or service. Rather than continuously creating new products, offer a freebie to gauge your audience’s interest. If it is successful, then move onto the next steps to build up your audience until they are ready to buy your main offer. [20:09]  


There is no better time to build your Facebook group. With the right promotion and support, you can use this tool to draw in your ideal clients and create the connections they value and crave. Get started today to organically grow a supportive, enthusiastic Facebook group filled with the right people for your product or service! 


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It all starts on Monday, November 26th! See you there!