Have you ever had that moment when you realized you were made for something more, something bigger? That you had something you knew you needed to offer the world? Today that is the story you will hear about how Christina Jandali built her multi-6 figure business after leaving her 9-5!

Get ready to learn how to deliver your genius with! Christina is back on the Epic Success Podcast to give us the low-down on capitalizing and profiting from your unique talents, be creatively visible and create BIG profits using Facebook groups.



Working in a primarily male-dominated industry, Christina found that her life was strictly tied to her rigid work schedule. It wasn’t until her daughter was born that Christina realized in order to inspire her child to be the best version of herself, she would have to pave the way and lead by example, not just words. She quickly left her corporate job and began building her own self-driven career as a confidence boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist for female entrepreneurs looking to start and scale their own business.  


Takeaways from this episode: 

  • How to “Deliver Your Genius” to your audience (not by hustling or sacrificing, but serving and giving). 
  • Why building an active and authentic Facebook group is an integral part of building your business (Visit her Facebook Group HERE!). 
  • How to draw members into your Facebook group with challenges, video and consistent engagement. ( Click here to join Christina’s FREE 5 day Grow An Amazing Facebook Group Challenge for all of her best tips!!)


Christina will also be giving you a crash-course in tribe-building on Facebook, including some valuable do’s and don’ts to keep in mind along the way (Here is a biggie: don’t invite people to your Facebook group without their permission!). 

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