Have you ever set goals for the new year, only to find yourself missing the mark by March (or sooner)?

I have some news for you… it’s not your fault!

The problem is the system you’ve been using to set goals is broken and doesn’t align with how your brain is wired. Traditional goal-setting is based on an antiquated system designed for the industrial age. It’s focused on producing more output (i.e. widgets) and making you a good employee rather than helping you achieve the freedom and success you desire.

This is why you feel inspired in January but frustrated by March… and once your motivation wanes, you’re likely to shrink your goals to be more “manageable.” This is a logical course of action but one that puts your brain in fight or flight mode and bathes your brain in neurochemicals that allow you to feel ok about it BUT also stops clarity and forward momentum.

What if I told you there is a better way? Because there is! Your brain is powerful, and you can create a year’s worth of goals in 67 days when you set your goals the right way. My clients do it all the time!

The world needs what you have, and you were created with a purpose, mission, and vision you were meant to achieve. Why take a horse and cart to get there when you can step into the Ferrari and get there faster?

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Traditional goal-setting is all wrong.

The way you’ve been goal-setting was designed to help you produce more output, NOT to help you create freedom and success, and it has to go!

  • It’s time to adopt a new approach to goal-setting.

Use a goal-setting system that works with your brain’s natural wiring to help you achieve your desired results in record time. When you tap into this system, you can compress your timeline to 67 days!

  • You already have what it takes to tap into the system.

You need the operating manual, and I’m here to give it to you!

  1. Don’t go another moment using a broken, antiquated, industrial-age goal-setting system that works again how your brain creates results. This is the year everything will shift. 

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Your biggest challenge will be deciding what goals to tackle after you crush your current goals by March.

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