If you are feeling the overwhelm and exhaustion of never-ending box-checking, in his new book, Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt helps entrepreneurs achieve more while doing less. Amazing, right?!

I’m honored to have Michael Hyatt, best selling author, podcaster, formerly the chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publisher, and successful entrepreneur, on the Epic Success Podcast! He has been very influential in my life and business over the years with his work on productivity and mindset!

If you are ready to not just get more done, but get the right things done, listen up!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You can’t scale your business until you learn to scale yourself.”

This really comes down to delegation, which requires an investment and it requires that you think differently. You must get past the limiting belief that you must do it all yourself in order to succeed in life and in business. Michael shares two core limiting beliefs that entrepreneurs have around delegation and how to confront them in order to scale. [6:33]

  • “True North is where your passion and your proficiency intersect.”

Michael teaches about a productivity tool called the Freedom Compass. When heading True North on the compass, you are doing the tasks, appointments, and opportunities that you enjoy AND that you’re proficient in that the world will pay you for. You must know your True North and your True South in order to do more of the 20% that drives 80% of your results. Michael teaches more about the Freedom Compass and the 4 different kinds of freedom in his book, Free to Focus. [24:25]

  • “Productivity is a lot more about energy management than it is time management. That’s a mindset issue.”

Our most important asset in our life and business is our energy, health, and mindset. Just like I found myself in ‘stressed success’, Michael shares a similar story of how he found himself at odds with his health at the “peak” of his business years ago. This is a key reason why he teaches on productivity as a path to freedom and not just a means for doing more. [29:19]

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you have a thriving 6 or 7-figure business, the productivity system in Michael’s new book, Free to Focus, will help you achieve more while doing less so that you can create more freedom in your life and business!

I believe so deeply in Michael’s book, Free to Focus, that I’m giving 25 copies away!

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This book is a productivity gold mine you need to get!!

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