If you’re in the world of business, you are familiar with copy and messaging. 

As business owners, the goal is to deliver our message to potential clients in a way that makes working with us a no-brainer. 

But in a world with every bit of information at your client’s fingertips, how do you make your messaging stand out? 

How do you avoid the easy route of mimicking someone else’s message and truly delivering your own? 

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with messaging and copywriting expert, Ray Edwards. Ray is a best selling author who has a talent for speaking (and writing) in a way that gets your unique message out into the marketplace. His new book How to Write Copy that Sells (aka my copy bible) is an incredible tool that teaches how to narrow in on your central message. 

Did you grab something to take notes with? Because you’ll want to jot down these actionable takeaways. Let’s dive in!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “Anybody can follow the framework and fill in the blanks and you’ll get pretty good results, maybe, but what makes you stand out is if you have a point of view.” 

 That’s the real secret: a unique message that’s important to you. It might be the thing that you’re least comfortable talking about, because it’s your unique pivot point in the universe that only you can represent. You have a message that will resonate with a certain group of people, but only if they hear your actual message and not the one you think you should be given. [1:54]

  • “It’s not about what you think it should be about. It’s about the thing under the thing.”

Like the Avengers. It seems to be about superheroes, but it’s really not. It’s about us. Each of us has these weird abilities that only we have. That’s the thing under the thing. And if you can talk about that, you will capture people’s attention in a way that no copy tricks or hacks will ever do. [6:30]

  • “How do we turn ‘story’ into something that helps us get people to move along the path to a decision that is in their best interest? Practice.” 

Break free of the lie that you are not a good storyteller. You just haven’t practiced. You can use the stories you have, those lived experiences, to connect to your clients. Your story might be about you, but how you turn that into copy and messaging is by making it about your clients. [28:30] 

Why are we so afraid to put our own “thing under the thing” out there into the world? 

Because it’s our place of greatest vulnerability, our place of greatest insecurity. The brain is designed to keep us alive and safe and to avoid vulnerability.  

But in vulnerability, you’ll find connection. 

To get the message across in your business, you have to understand what your message is and what your unique experience is. 

There are thousands of other people who teach you how to write and communicate in your business, but there is only one person with your unique perspective on it and that’s you. 

You have to be okay with people seeing you, and not the image you’d like to project. 

Something shifts in your brain when you show up without having to edit. Your brain is no longer working overtime in the background trying to figure out the story you’re going to tell or the lie you created. 

I’m so grateful for Ray and his unique message and I’m so glad to bring it here on the Epic Success Podcast. 

Make sure that you grab your copy of Ray’s book How to Write Copy that Sells to really uplevel your messaging and reach your perfect clients.

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