Financial Freedom and Faith with Brian Dixon - Dr Shannon Irvine

I don’t know about you, but as an entrepreneur, I used to struggle with my identity a little bit.

I thought, if I’m an entrepreneur, that’s my lane and I can’t stray outside the proverbial lines. 

It didn’t matter that my faith was a huge part of my life – I couldn’t mix my faith and my business, it just won’t work.

Have you ever been there?

Let me help set you free from the lie that I believed: 

Your faith and your business can coexist – and in fact, your faith can lead you to abundant freedom and success in your business, not only for yourself, but for your clients. 

AND, if you aren’t spiritual – that’s okay!

We’re opening up this conversation because I think it’s important to understand that we are all integrated, and our beliefs – whatever they may be – have a profound impact on us and our business.

Whatever your beliefs are – hiding and limiting parts of yourself, for the fear of what other people will think, will not only keep you stuck – it will also push you to move backwards in your business.

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with my friend and Master Marketing Mentor, Brian Dixon, about his faith-filled journey to entrepreneurship, and how his faith has shaped his business and money mindset along the way. There are so many powerful truths in this episode, and I can’t wait for you to dive in. Ready to take notes? Let’s go!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • One of the biggest tools that we have to defeat the power of satan and to expand the kingdom of God is our stewardship of financial resources.

I think a lot of us have believed the lie that money is the root of all evil – and that’s not true. It’s important to remember that wealth misplaced is not beneficial, but wealth itself is a good thing! God wants us to pursue our desires to make money – and as entrepreneurs, we have a unique financial opportunity to support ministries and nonprofits in their mission to further the kingdom of God. God delights in us and our desires, and we don’t have to be afraid to make money. [15:05]

  • It’s all about freedom.

Bottom line – it’s all about freedom. God calls us to freedom through Jesus – from sin, bondage, anxiety, and lies that keep us stuck. So many entrepreneurs have fixed mindsets about money that keep them stuck, unable to move forward in their business. I know because I’ve been there! Money fuels freedom – as entrepreneurs, we have an amazing opportunity to leverage our business to help set others free, once we ourselves are free of those mindsets that so easily keep us stuck. [26:40]

  • Start with your people.

If you’re feeling stuck, lean into your people. When communicating with your clients in an attempt to build that relationship – get more personal, not less personal. You can stay in marketing mode, AND do it in a personal way that lets them know that they’re more than just a client to you. Think smaller and kinder interactions, as opposed to bigger and louder. [35:02]

I want you to remember this: 

God is for you

God is for your business.

God is for your success.

You can trust in that. 

Don’t hide your light because of the fear of what others will think!

Expressing your faith won’t hurt your business.

Showing up as your true self won’t hurt your business.

Your clients need to see and experience the real YOU, because you are amazing!

I’m so thankful to Brian for sharing his story and his wisdom with us in this episode, and I hope you’re as inspired as I am to keep pushing past those mindsets that can so easily keep us stuck and lean into freedom

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