Have you thought about writing a book? Do you feel like you have an idea worth sharing? If you’re like 81% of Americans, according to a NY Times article, your answer is YES. My guest today and I both hold the belief that you absolutely have a message to share with the world that someone can only receive from you and your unique experiences.

Tragically, the article also revealed that only 3% write their manuscript. Let’s make sure you are a part of that 3% who takes the step of courage and publishes!

You don’t have to keep dreaming about it! You can finally write and publish the book you’ve always wanted to write.

My guest today on the Epic Success Podcast, Coach Azul, is a genius at pulling out the inner story that all of us have. He is a book coach to very successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn and Dana Malstaff and has a podcast called Born to Write. From the classroom to coaching, he has always had a passion for story. His TED Talk called “What Makes a Good Teacher Great” has 1.4 million views. He helps people find themselves through the writing process through his Authors Who Lead movement.

If you answered YES to having a book swirling around in your head, this interview will be the nudge you need to get your ideas onto paper!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “The lesson is learned in the doing, not in the knowing.”

As an author, teacher, leader, and entrepreneur, the power is absolutely in the doing. Knowing is not power, it’s potential power. Coach Azul shares some classroom experiences that produced profound lessons on the power of being vulnerable enough to do and be, not just know. [12:14]

  • “We’re not looking for more information. We’re looking for transformation.”

Transactional books have a place, but they don’t have a way of transforming people. People want to know who you are, what you believe, and what you think, and your unique perspective. No one can see the world and be uniquely you. We’re trained to be editors, not creative people. Trusting the process of putting yourself out there and writing your inner story is powerful. [17:47]

  • “It’s not permission we need any more, at least not from others. It’s to trust that we can do this and what we have to say matters.”

Focusing on working through your fears and blocks before you write is what makes the difference between crossing the finish line or not. Much of what Azul does as a coach is help his clients work through their blocks and help them identify what transformation they want to get out of authoring a book on a personal level before even writing a word. [22:44]

I asked Azul what makes a good book great. Azul said a great book has an impact on someone when someone else tells them about it. A great book sparks something in people to want to share it with others and is transformational.

Now get ready to share your story! You just need the commitment.
Learn more about Coach Azul and his group coaching program, Authors Who Lead, and connect with him on Instagram and Facebook.

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