If anyone were to describe entrepreneur Nicole Walters is 3 words, they would be the following: energetic, hilarious and transparent. Nicole began documenting her entrepreneurial journey online after leaving her job managing multibillion-dollar sales relationships for Fortune 500s (she quit live, on Periscope!). She is now known for changing the lives of thousands of business owners through her transformative lifestyle brand, speaking engagements, courses and program.  


Although she calls herself a functional hot mess, she is actually a vibrant businesswoman and mentor who is dedicated to helping everyone and anyone generate passive income and achieve financial independence. And when she is “not adding commas to people’s bank accounts”, she loves to spend time with her three beautiful foster kids and her husband (and create hysterical viral videos!).



Your can’t miss take-aways:


  • Why she decided to use online platforms to broadcast her life (she calls herself an “over-sharer!”). 
  • The amazing way she found out she had a dedicated audience. 
  • Why she never shied away from her faith (and how she supported others in theirs, regardless of their beliefs). 
  • Top 3 things entrepreneurs should be doing to change their 2018 game.
  • And what a bathtub has to do with inspiration. 


She will also be talking about the benefits of acting “real”, being persistent and the importance of old-school pitching methods and how it worked for her. 


You can connect with Nicole by visiting the links below, and also enroll in “Fierce Clarity” (with the discount promo code NICOLE), a program that helps entrepreneurs with developing direction and strategy to make your business dreams a reality.   


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