EPIC SUCCESS: Pull back the Covers of Multi-Level Marketing: Interview with Shannon Blas: National Vice President of Arbonne- 007 - Dr Shannon Irvine

Epic Success Podcast Episode #7- Pull back the Covers of Multi-Level Marketing: Interview with Shannon Blas, National Vice President of Arbonne

What do you think when you hear the term ‘network marketing’ or ‘MLM’?

Do you feel excited about the possibilities available? Or is it followed with an eye roll and a disbelief that real success is actually possible? Maybe it’s met with confusion or frustration at your own attempts to make an income from this business model?

Wherever you are on the scale, I’m so excited to introduce you to Shannon Blas – National Vice President, Arbonne Independent Consultant. Shannon’s story is incredible! She’ll share how she went from never even having a thought cross her mind about becoming a network marketer to becoming one of the top earners with Arbonne. Her story will clear up any disbelief or confusion you may have about whether or not someone can have genuine success with network marketing.

Shannon is so authentic and a true leader. This interview is full of so many nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to any MLM or entrepreneur’s journey!

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Shannon’s own story of how she went from real estate agent to a successful consultant with Arbonne
  • Why network marketing creates leverage allowing you to grow your income but not your hours
  • A peak inside her daily life and how network marketing allows her a lifestyle of choice
  • How personal growth and duplication have been the key to her success
  • How she spent 6 years stuck at one level and the mindset shift that changed everything
  • Her top tips for achieving genuine success no matter which company you choose to work with
  • The simple system she uses to manage her business that even the most non-techy person can duplicate
  • How she chooses to lead by example so she can truly support her growing team

Links from this episode:

Shannon Blas website: ShannonBlas.Arbonne.com
Shannon Blas Facebook: facebook.com/shannon.shabelblas
Shannon Blas Instagram: instagram.com/shannonblas/


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Did you know that Shannon is also the founder and director of Mosaic Vision Ministries? This organization is powerfully changing the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda. To learn more, visit MosaicVision.org or follow Mosaic on Facebook.

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