In this episode we continue to work on IMPLEMENTATION of my 12 step goal setting checklistso download that Free checklist if you haven’t. Today is the secret sauce of what takes all the guess work out of goal setting and which goals should be priority.

Imagine setting up your life and business so you do not have to sacrifice your family for your business or your health for your dreams! It is vital to take this part step by step – think of it as your guidebook.

You know when you get those lego guidebooks and you think, this thing is impossible to build….. Then you start step by step, brick by brick, and at the end you are acting like the architectural engineer guru because you just put together the Battle Ship Galactica!!!! Well imagine that feeling on steroids because this isn’t a fun toy – but your awesome fun God inspired EPIC LIFE and BUSINESS!

I am so thrilled for you to listen to the podcast today! This Episode is the 2nd part of a goal setting series with a new cutting edge system that is different that anything you might have used in the past!

The disjointed goals setting and achievement systems do not work and just leave you feeling frustrated with goals half done or worse feeling like a failure because the goals you did set you haven’t achieved. Its not your fault! That system is broken. It isn’t integrated the way we need it to be to achieve success!

At the end of this podcast, after the implementation process is complete – I offer a video training series to take you a little bit deeper into how this all works and slow down and deepen the process for you. The link to that 12 Step Goal Setting Checklist and video training is below. You have to promise me that you will listen to Episode 3 and do that work first BEFORE getting the Free video training okay??

So happy to be on the journey with you as you Build the EPIC LIFE AND BUSINESS that you LOVE!

You are only one dream away!

Dr. Shannon Irvine

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