We are in a separation season. Can you feel it?

Rarely does there come a time in your business life when you have such a clear path to get in front of the pack as you have right now. But are you using this to get on the slipstream directly to the front of the pack?

We are in a fear economy right now. The news is projecting the negative, and we’re surrounded by an energy of fear, unknowing, and uncertainty. Watch your brain because it will likely try to hook into the fear as a way of keeping you safe, and if you do you’ll miss the opportunity to stand out.

In this week’s episode of Epic Success Podcast, I’m sharing the 3 components you need to come out on top during the separation season we are in. 

We talk about:

  1. Why how you THINK matters more than ever (and can make or break your success).
  2. How what you KNOW will make or break your results, and what to focus on when you bring on clients in this new economy (it’s different than what it was even 3 years ago).
  3. Why you need to adjust how you GROW your audience to cater to today’s buyers (and I give you a specific recommendation to help).

This episode will show you how to differentiate yourself from the pack during this separation season. I want you to be the person asked to be on stage, interviewed on the podcast, or open up your program to a full audience hungry for the transformation you can offer.

I know you’re called by God to do the things you’re doing. It’s time you stepped out to the biggest version of yourself and started impacting the number of people you know you are called to impact. 


Want to get yourself to the front of the pack, create raving fans, fill your coaching programs, sell out your books, land speaking engagements, and become known? This month I’ve partnered with my friend Christina Jandali to help you with all these things. 

Christina and I will teach you the right way to build your audience this year so you can set yourself up to win and serve those you are called to serve. Register for these free training opportunities hosted by us here: WWW.ENGAGEYOURNICHE.COM.