Entrepreneur Bait and Switch with Dr Shannon Irvine - Dr Shannon Irvine

Have you ever started a business or project and put all your creative process and energy into it… but then started questioning if it was really your calling when the “passion” or drive ran out?

This is something that SO many brilliant entrepreneurs go through and sadly the place where many get stuck and left with a partially built business. They start over again and again wondering if they can ever find their “calling.”

This isn’t a calling issue – it’s a common trait if you’re a Visionary! If you haven’t already, take the Rocket Fuel Visionary & Integrator assessment to see where you fall on the spectrum. So enlightening! (And if you want a deep dive on the topic – check out my interview with Mark Winters called Rocket Fuel for Your Business: Visionary & Integrator)

I was in a training session with my NeuroCoachingTM certification clients when the topics of calling and boredom came up. I knew I needed to do an episode about it because I used to spin in this bait and switch cycle too.

As a Visionary, we see things that no one else sees and we take action. If we don’t have people around us who are gifted as an Integrator – those who LOVE the details, systems, processes, and structure, (you know, what we are NOT good at), then we lose interest and start something new.

If you are ready to STOP using your emotions and “not having passion for it anymore” as a reason to turn a hard left, then I’ve got your back -and brain- in this episode.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “It’s not that you’re not called to the thing you love to do, it’s that you’re doing the things that you don’t love and therefore it’s feeling heavy.

If you’re a Visionary, you’re not passionate about the details, you’re passionate about the transformation. That is where you need to be spending your time. The great thing is that there are people who are strong on the Integrator spectrum who love the details! Start putting people, systems, and processes in your business that ground you and allow you to show up in the area that lights you up most. [10:45]

  • “As a Visionary, your success and momentum comes from the other side of structure and systems so you are allowed to show up just in your genius.

I want to challenge you to ask yourself what are the things that are dragging you down and do you have the support? If you’re saying “But Dr. Shannon, I can’t afford to hire an Integrator.” You can’t afford not to because that’s where visions and dreams go to die in the “I can’t afford.” Your vision and impact on the world depends on you staying grounded in your calling. [13:01]

  • “So many people pivot into a new project because it feels less resistant.

This idea that it should just be easy if you’re in your alignment space is something being taught online that isn’t true and really is negligent. You CAN train your brain to believe “when I step into resistance and do things that seem hard, I am in alignment.” So often the most beautiful alignment is when you’re doing the hardest things you’ve ever done because there’s no manual because no one has ever gone there before. [15:21]

Your million dollar business is on the other side of standing in your calling, getting grounded, having support around you, and then leaning into the resistance and the hard things that have never been done before because you are blazing a trail!

I don’t want to see any more brilliant entrepreneurs like you fall for the bait and switch and pivot when you’re so close to gold.

Until next week, remember, you are the Creator of your thoughts. Show your brain exactly what you want… then go out and make it happen!

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