Have you ever taken a personality test, read your result and felt “meh?”

Yeah. Me too.

And believe me, I’ve taken ALL the tests. #lifelonglearner

A lot of people take a free test, read the description and it feels a bit lack-luster, and then give up on it. The key is to stick with it and get curious.

Ask yourself what resonates with you? What doesn’t? What have you never considered before? How could this personal insight lead to becoming an even better version of yourself?

This week on the Epic Success Podcast I have the incredible Sarajane Case, aka @EnneagramAndCoffee here to explain the Enneagram and it’s brain-based connection with success.

The Enneagram is such an amazing tool to explore your thoughts and step into being the creator of your thoughts as you discover what innately drives you. The more you understand about yourself, the better you can serve. 

Buckle up for a fascinating discussion!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You want to create content that reinforces your ideal audience’s identity”

The easiest way to do this is to look at the beliefs in your niche that you support and the identities you want your ideal audience to have. For example, Brandon’s top core values are family, business, money and integrity. Listen in to hear Brandon’s 7-step process for creating content that connects with your ideal audience’s core beliefs & identity. [2:03]

  • The Enneagram really invites us into a space of curiosity.

Sarajane gives a beautiful snapshot of each Enneagram number. From a brain-based perspective, our brains do not let us choose one type. We can ask ourselves “what part of me is a 7 or 3?” The importance of really committing to the one we lead with is it allows us to be really honest with ourselves about the parts we need to work on. [16:08]

  • “With the Enneagram, you’re able to ask yourself the right questions.

When you know your Enneagram lead number, you have the language to ask yourself powerful questions with curiosity instead of judgement. When you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, you can ask yourself: “What (your number) tendencies may have gotten you here?” “What are you afraid of feeling?” “Am I using the high end of that # or the low end today?” [37:08]

I love Sarajane’s process of investigation through the lens of the Enneagram! Her workshop helped me explore the Enneagram and process which number I lead with and how I can navigate life and business. I highly recommend you taking her workshop and preordering her book, The Honest Enneagram, because it’s in the truth of yourself where you truly get to serve. 

I’d love to hear what Enneagram number you lead with! Tag me on Instagram – it will be fun to compare notes!

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“Dr Shannon is clear, direct and entertaining. Love the insights she shares!!!”

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