Wow! Being interviewed by  Jacquelyn Umof (aka Action Jacquelyn) was such a treat! It’s amazing how interconnected wellness, meditation, and intention setting is with brain priming and harnessing the power of your mind – all of which we discuss in this interview.

Today I really dive into what sets manifesting apart from brain-priming and why manifesting may or may not be working for you. The scientifically proven truth is, you are manifesting something all the time – rather it be more limiting beliefs or more of what you in your business and life. I show you how to become the creator of your thoughts and make manifestation work for you. 

If you are wanting to live an even deeper mindful lifestyle, this episode is for you!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “There are three times in the day when our subconscious are most open to brain priming.”

Most of the blocks people have may have different words attached to them, but they all really come down to not feeling enough or feeling unworthy. During these three times, we are quiet enough to hear the blocks come up from within us. Instead of running from challenges, resistance, and stress of them, lean into it to hear the blocks coming up. Becoming aware is the first step to eliminating the blocks that do not serve us so we can rewire our brains for what we truly want. Listen in to find out what these 3 times are! [17:26]

  • “We don’t believe our beliefs impact our actions, but they do.”

This is where brain-priming is taking manifestation one step farther. As you are priming, you really start taking on the identity of the person as if it’s already done and that informs your actions. So now all of a sudden you’re taking a different action than if you weren’t brain-priming. Can you just sit and manifest new muscles? No. It’s the combination of brain priming, believing, and taking action that’s transformational. [38:35]

  • “It’s the thought that creates the circumstance having an impact, not the circumstance itself.

After an injury, for example, either you believe that “now I can’t do anything” or you believe “I will be back and here is evidence that it’s possible.” You can always find evidence of the antithesis of what you’re believing. The more you shake the foundation of the lie being a lie, the more unsteady your brain gets and starts looking at what’s true. [47:16]

Jacquelyn jumped right in and asked me what my biggest limiting belief at this time is. Listen in to hear me vulnerably share what I’m working through right now to rewire.

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