Have you ever had something that you wanted to change or a new way of being that you wish you could just download without having to do all the work to make it a habit? Boy, I have and that is why I love today’s episode on the Epic Success Podcast! My guest Melanie Bundock supports, encourages and motivates you towards your deepest dreams and hearts desires, allowing you to become your best self and through a process called EFT.  


Melanie uses TAPPING or the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, to help her clients clear the blockages in their energy systems, allowing them to experience true freedom of their minds and beliefs. 


She shares the journey that led her to become an expert in the EFT field, her expertise on the technique referred to as “tapping”, and how it can be used to positively impact your mind, emotions, and your life.  


Melanie is also a ninja with using visualization and vision boards to create the lives her clients seek. 



Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode:


????There’s no difference between a lucky or unlucky person, it’s simply a difference of the thought processes that we have. Tapping can be used to transform that belief system that tells us we aren’t lucky and reshape those thoughts into a belief system in which we believe that we are lucky and do deserve the best that life has to offer. 


????As a special treat for you, Melanie takes us through an exercise in tapping that’s designed to take us from a state of overwhelm and stress and ease us into the mental space of calm and positivity. 


????Melanie walks you through the process that she uses with her clients to help them create their vision for their life and their business, and ultimately create their vision boards. Listen as Melanie shares with you how to get very clear on the direction you want your life and business to take, and using that vision to guide and direct your path. 


You can learn more about how Melanie helps her tribe by using the tapping technique and how she can direct you to get clear on your vision for your life and business by checking out her website here. 


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