As an entrepreneur, when you want to transform peoples’ lives, connecting with new clients and converting your ideal client has everything to do with messaging. You can have the most amazing, powerful, life-transformative service, but if you cannot get your client to understand the value in that service, they will not buy. As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to learn this messaging piece so you can impact all the people you are meant to serve in the world.

If copywriting (your words that attract and sell to your clients, not to be mistaken with copyrighting to legally protect your work 😉 ) sounds a bit daunting to you, then today’s podcast is meant for you!

My guest today on the Epic Success Podcast is the super talented copywriter, Sara Anna Powers. She helped me with my copy as I transitioned my business online and she is a copy specialist. She is sharing her Six Cs step-by-step framework to take your client from connection to conversion and make you amazing at copywriting.

So if you like a good step-by-step framework that makes things simple and effective, Sara is gold when it comes to helping you create magnetic messaging!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “It’s so important that we speak the language that our customers understand.

The best way to speak the language of your customer is to connect. Get on the phone. Ask questions. Their answers to those questions, when used on your sales page, makes your ideal client feel instantly connected. Listen in to hear all the great ideas Sara Anna shares for quality content through connection. [7:57]

  • “People only care about you to the extent that you are going to help them move forward.”

When you’re in the marketplace, running businesses, charging people money for services and products, we’re not pro bono. Your potential clients are there to get results for their own lives and businesses. It’s on us to communicate that we can help them do that. [14:52]

  • “I really believe that contrast is the piece that holds people back from really having copy that connects.”

Contrast creates click-worthy copy that your customer can’t resist. Contrast is the piece that takes people into their world of pain and then contrasts it with your “paradise of possibility.” You do your clients a service by reminding them of their pain and then painting the picture of what your service or product would make possible. [20:07]

Sara generously shares all 6 Cs of her Copy That Converts framework in this interview. So many amazing copy tips that will bring you so much value! You don’t want to miss listening to the full episode.

Make sure to connect with Sara Anna Powers on Instagram & Facebook and grab her FREE Stellar Sales Page framework! When you put this framework into practice, we’d love to see your magnetic copy! Tag @SaraAnnaPowers & @DrShannonIrvine on Instagram so we can see how you’ve made it your own!

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