Content & Messaging that Influences, Part 2 with Brandon Lucero - Dr Shannon Irvine

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “we have zero in common, I’m sure of that!”

But then you hear a piece of their story or they share something they’re incredibly passionate about or against and you realize you’re connected in a profound way by a common value.

This happens to me every time I watch a Netflix documentary! Who knew I would feel as much of a connection with a millenial country-turned-pop singer, Taylor Swift in Americana, as I did with the innovative women astronauts of the ‘60s in Mercury 13?!

There is so much power in connection!

Connection creates a movement.

Connection builds trust and rapport on the deepest level.

You, too, have felt that connection. Now it’s time to create that connection with your audience.

Last week on Part 1 of the Content & Messaging that Influences episode, Brandon Lucero shared 5 common misconceptions in the marketplace about content that are keeping your message lost in the sea of noise. He also shared the power of thought reversal. It was a value-packed episode! Make sure to listen to Part 1 now if you haven’t already!

On this week’s Part 2 episode of the Epic Success Podcast, Brandon shows you how to create content that connects, which will create demand, position you to be everywhere with your content, and cause powerful shifts.

Brandon is a master of messaging and live video. He has helped me and many other incredible entrepreneurs clarify their message to stand out in their niche as thought leaders.

If you’ve been putting out content but haven’t been connecting with your audience in a way that is authentic, grab your pencil and notebook. This one’s for you!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You want to create content that reinforces your ideal audience’s identity”

The easiest way to do this is to look at the beliefs in your niche that you support and the identities you want your ideal audience to have. For example, Brandon’s top core values are family, business, money and integrity. Listen in to hear Brandon’s 7-step process for creating content that connects with your ideal audience’s core beliefs & identity. [2:03]

  • In your how-to content, all you’re going to do is position your unique solution as the answer.

Your unique solution becomes your north-star for all your how-to content. Why? Because you want to create demand for your unique solution, which becomes your offer. Your unique solution is really what starts to pull you out of the “content circle of death” and connect you with your ideal clients. [11:31]

  • “The what-to-do videos give you authority. Connection videos give you trust and rapport. Thought reversals videos give you thought leadership.

If you’re having problems getting traction, problems getting sales, or problems with people resonating with your message… I can guarantee you are not doing these 4 types of videos. Brandon shares a vivid story to illustrate the power of his video 4x effect in action. [14:54]

The number one thing that keeps people from taking Brandon’s advice is that they don’t want to be polarizing. When you are not telling your message and speaking your truth, you will let others’ judgement kill your business. By standing out and sharing your core values, you will shift your focus away from judgement and towards connection.

Are you ready to finally start creating engaging content with unique messaging that creates demand, builds profitable connection and forces you to stand out because you stand for something? Brandon has a free video series called “The Content Revolution” that will help you fix your broken content and finally be heard!

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“Dr Shannon gets you to change your perspective with every episode! She’s just amazing and this is a definite MUST LISTEN PODCAST.”

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