I launched my program in the middle of a pandemic. 

July 2020. 

With the world being in the state it was in, I was hesitant…, but it was so overwhelmingly worth it!

I was able to show up BIG, and serve my people even bigger. And I was able to offer them community, accountability, and transformation in the process… all through a Facebook Group!

And I want you to be able to do the same thing!

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with Christina Jandali about building Facebook Groups alongside your business. 

Christina Jandali is a Success Coach for entrepreneurs whose dreams stretch beyond a corporate career. She is also known as the Facebook Groups Queen

She is the Facebook Groups expert, helping entrepreneurs build and grow their Facebook Groups to create raving fans and authentic communities. 

If you’re ready to launch to six figures alongside a Facebook Group, then this is for you! Grab a pen and paper and get ready to dive in!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Your Facebook Group can help establish your authority as an entrepreneur.

Starting a Facebook Group without a plan can feel intimidating and at times, overwhelming. But having a Facebook Group with thousands of people will help establish your authority and credibility as an entrepreneur. Having those raving fans in community with you and with each other is the game changer your business needs! [8:23]

  • The key to momentum is repetition.

You have to start implementing the Yes Method into your groups! Start showing up, leading with a yes, providing free trainings, offers, and freebies. When someone says yes to the little things, it will be so much easier for them to say yes to the big thing… Your main offer! It takes 6-10 micro decisions in the brain for someone to step out big and say yes to something big. So start implementing those tiny yeses in your group now. [11:48] 

  • Authenticity and connection… Seek to understand, not to be understood.

Facebook Groups offer authenticity… a way for people to connect with you as a person more than an entrepreneur or coach. In a Facebook Group, you have genuine, real, authentic communities where people are supporting, encouraging, and holding each other accountable. Your Facebook Group can turn into your tribe, your family, and transformations happen in that type of environment. [29:54]

You can have the Facebook Group that sets you and your business apart from the rest. You can have the Facebook Group that demonstrates your authority, confirms your expertise, and establishes you as the successful entrepreneur you know you are. You can have the Facebook Group that provides community, authenticity, breakthroughs and transformations for your tribe. 

This is so for you!

Which is why I don’t want you to miss out on Christina Jandali’s free 3-part Grow Your Group training series! 

If you want to learn exactly what it takes to build a wildly engaged and profitable Facebook group without the hustle – don’t miss this amazing free training series!

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My friend, Christina Jandali, Success Mentor and Business Growth Strategist, is sharing her tips on how to start, grow and scale a profitable and engaged Facebook group in her 3 part Grow your Group training series

If you want to learn exactly what it takes to build a wildly engaged and profitable Facebook group without the hustle – don’t miss this amazing free training series!

You can sign up for the free series by clicking below – I’ll see you there!

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