Are you ready to crush that vision that you have for your business?


Do you want to understand how to show up confident and as the best version of yourself in your life and in your business?


Is it possible to live from that place of confidence in who you are and what you offer to the world every day?


Today on the Epic Success Podcast our guest, Rachel Luna is here to share her story of how she went from asking those same questions to having a thriving business and knowing she is being truly authentic and can always show up her best. Rachel is a best-selling author, and is an amazing business mentor and helps others to step into their true self and giving them the ability to slay their goals. 


Her authenticity and love for her tribe shine through in everything that she does, and she’s on the Epic Success Podcast to share with you how to do the same!



Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode… 


???? You can have all of the information, all of the necessary pieces to reach your goal, but if you’re paralyzed by the fear of failure, you’ll never achieve them. Those excuses that keep you paused and focusing on the small things won’t get you moving forward. They’ll only give you a really nice hobby, not a business that fulfills you. 


???? Identity is so important to success. You have to keep your identity at the forefront of your mind and your focus at all times in order to reach your goals and dreams.


???? Every one of us has facts about our lives, but you can’t allow those facts to become the stories that you tell yourself. Too often we allow the stories we tell ourselves to become fact in our minds, and that becomes a huge obstacle to you achieving what you’re striving for. 


To connect with Rachel and check out her valuable content on stepping into your true, authentic self and gain the confidence that you need to slay your goals, you can find her on Facebook by clicking here. 



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