Carrie Wilkerson is a small-town Texas girl who taught herself to think beyond city limits, and we are so honored she took the time to speak with the Epic Success Tribe on today’s podcast!


Carrie is an award-winning author, speaker and consultant who calls herself “The Barefoot Executive”, which just happens to be the title of her book. She has been featured on CNN, Lifetime and FOX Business, as well as Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes (just to name a few!). Carrie helps businesses and thought leaders with growth strategies (including the team at Google) and her tough-love, humorous attitude keeps people on-task with no-filter productivity tips and profitability strategies.



Biggest takeaways you do not want to miss:


  • The difference between authenticity and transparency on social media and why it is important to understand as a business owner and public figure.
  • Why it’s OK to be the “Amazon Prime Mom” instead of the “Pinterest Mom”.
  • How changing your thoughts will change your behavior and help you overcome those mountains of obstacles that you have created for yourself.


With all these credentials, it’s safe to say that Carrie knows a thing or two about being an entrepreneur, not to mention a powerhouse work-at-home mom to four kids. Carrie believes that everyone can transform their lives, health, relationship and finances, just as she did for herself.

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