Transition is a natural part of life and business. My guest today on the Epic Success Podcast helps entrepreneurs build confidence instead of overwhelm and uncertainty as they evolve. I love how her educational background and personal journey as an entrepreneur has led her to helping thousands of entrepreneurs.

My dear friend, Jen Casey, helps online coaches and network marketers to think like a top earner and sell persuasively. Her specialty is teaching entrepreneurs how to get into their niche to serve at a deeper level.

So if you’ve ever found yourself navigating transitions and the flood of thoughts that accompany them, this is for you.

Key take-aways from this episode:

  • “Getting in alignment is really about recognizing when something no longer feels good and then realizing when something feels really fun.”

Tune in to the things that spark excitement in you and allow that to guide you and your business. Allow yourself to pivot into the next season and your next-level identity. Jen shares her personal experience of transition in her business and the mindset obstacle and growth that comes with it. [11:41]

  • “Your tribe wants to see you succeed. They want to see you evolve. That’s why they follow you.”

The people who are interested in the new phase of what you’re doing will follow you. If it doesn’t align with where they’re at, they will find someone else. And that’s okay. Listen in to hear Jen teach about the power of identifying your niche. [15:00]

  • “The idea and feeling you’ve identified as overwhelm is just a collection of feelings and thoughts that are driving you to think about things that you don’t want.”

Confidence comes from recognizing that you have a choice in what you think and those chosen thoughts create your reality. Jen says the biggest thing she sees new entrepreneurs in her programs struggling with is recognizing the power of their language and taking notice of the negative thoughts and stories running their mind and business. [23:45]

Jen shared so many valuable gems on how to harness your thoughts to elevate your business. As Jen says in her final thought in the interview, go take inspired, messy action this week!

Find Jen on all socials @HeyJenCasey, listen to her Inner Boss Podcast, or join her free Pitch to Your Niche Masterclass.

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