One equation I know to be true is Big Vision + Brand Visibility = Outstanding Opportunities!

My guest today on the Epic Success Podcast is Tiffany Lee Bymaster aka Coach Glitter, the queen of Live Video! Tiffany helps entrepreneurs leverage live video to share their BIG vision and build MASSIVE visibility! With nearly two decades of experience designing and styling for TV, film, and TOP personal brands, she has seen first-hand that personal and lifestyle brands are BUILT, not born.

Building a Personal Brand? Then it’s finally time to STOP HIDING behind the computer screen and step into your greatness!

Key take-aways from this episode:

  • “Live video is the fastest way to connect with people and build an engaged audience”

If we really pay attention to marketing, what people are craving is not more information. What they’re craving is more connection. People invest in people who they connect with. [7:59]

  • “Building a personal brand and business is a huge personal development journey that doesn’t end.”

Throughout your business development, you will gain clarity on your brand. Tiffany shares that many of her students come to her saying they don’t know what to talk about. Walking through the process and learning from the feedback brings clarity. Live video expedites your growth process: brand building, business building, and personal building. [11:47]

  • “Live video is the most amazing way to get direct feedback from people who are potentially your best customers and clients.”

Live video provides a direct line of communication. No more guessing what your ideal clients want and need! When you show up fully as yourself, you will naturally grow a connected audience. Tiffany shares the biggest mistake she seems entrepreneurs doing on live video and why playing the long-game is key. [20:22]

As you heard, Tiffany has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build their brand and crush it on live video. Are you ready to grow a highly-engaged audience and take your launches from crickets to conversions?!

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You’ll learn:

✔️ Why your current launches are falling flat (and why live video is THE key to building anticipation and momentum before you open the doors!)

✔️ How to build REAL connections with your audience through consistent live videos

✔️How to make sure you’re showing up consistently (nail down what to say, when to say it, and WHERE to say it on Live Video!)