Have you ever thought about creating your own online course to teach people from your experiences? Have you dreamed about a business that has massive impact and also allows you the freedom you crave?

Imagine a business model where you can work whenever you want and still have the time and money to live your most Epic Life. A business where you can reach thousands of people and share your life-changing knowledge.

Today’s episode is all about capturing that freedom and fulfillment with your own Digital Course business! The one and only Amy Porterfield is back on the Epic Success Podcast to share her heart and wisdom. Her amazing Multi-7-Figure digital course business has already helped over 250 000 Entrepreneurs confidently build online businesses that deeply serve their passion and their clients! Now it’s your turn to get started!

Tune in for Amy’s trade secrets for achieving the flexibility and revenue to say YES to only doing what you love!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “I never have to say yes to anything that doesn’t light me up”

As you grow your business, avoid the trap of trading time for money. Shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset by leveraging your time and effort for your income. It’s time to challenge your fear of missed opportunities while creating the life and business you love. [4:00]

  • “It’s making money for you every single day”

Creating a digital course business can be your answer to the stress and overwhelm you may be feeling in your service-based business. With your knowledge and experience, you already know the kind of course your clients need. Focus on getting it out into the world and follow Amy’s tips to get your course earning 90% of your revenue. [11:11]  

  • “What kind of results can I get for other people?”

As you set your Epic 2019 goals, think about the unique experiences you have to offer your audience. How did you change your life and how can your course help others do the same? Like Amy says, it’s all about providing that roadmap to help your clients quickly get from point A to B and start seeing results. [25:22]  

By following Amy’s baby steps, you can start off 2019 with a course-based business that gives you the freedom you’ve been missing. It’s all about reaching more of your tribe and serving them as your best self. Are you ready to make that impact? You have something wonderful to offer the world and everything you need to get there is already inside of you!

And you are in luck because Amy is going to teach a live training all about how she built her Multi-7-Figure business through online courses and show you how you can do it too! I will be there and would LOVE for you to join me! Click here to grab your free seat now as her training always fill up!

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