Who just loves “back-seat drivers?” Don’t you just love when someone is sitting in the passenger seat giving you unsolicited advice, reminding you where to turn, and controlling what is not theirs to control? 

Why do we allow the same thing to happen when it comes to living out the unique vision and calling we’ve been given?

There are so many “back-seat drivers” (aka: distractions) that are robbing us of allowing our vision to be the driver. 

Everything starts with vision. 

Without it, there is no purpose and direction. Every goal (short-term and long-term) must be driven by the vision. 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  1. It’s not about a vision board. It’s so much more than writing goals down. It’s about building the vision for the future. Your brain needs to believe it in order for you to achieve it. There are old, broken models that don’t work, because they don’t align with how you are wired. To create vision, you have to identify what success means to you.

  2. What is your vision of the future? What does success mean to you? Is it freedom? Impact? Get in a quiet space and see yourself in the future. Who are you? Who is with you? What are you doing? Be clear where you are headed. Think. Be. Do.

  3. Let’s get the vision going from the place that creates success. Your mind is where success is created. Your road to success has been within you all along. What is your vision of success? Not what other people are doing, but what is your passion and purpose leading you to do? Envision this future and write it down on a piece of paper and really dig into what this looks like for you. 

What is the vision you have been given?

What does success look like for you specifically? In your personal life and in your business?

Where are you and where do you want to be in the new year?

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