We talk about money here all the time. 

We talk about money stories and automations in your brain that cause you to think a certain way about money. 

And if you grew up with any kind of background in faith, you might have some really broken stories around what money is, what it isn’t, and what it really means in the Kingdom of God. 

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with my dear friend and founder of Dream Factory Co., Adam Flores. One of Adam’s super powers is helping faith-based entrepreneurs step into their biblical principles around success and money! 

This is an impactful episode for entrepreneurs with a biblical background. Do you have something to take notes with? I can’t wait to dive in! 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “The spirit of poverty is an outside voice of the enemy getting you to believe what you’re lacking.” [2:58]

An example of this is from The Garden. Adam and Eve are in this world full of abundance and the enemy was able to narrow their sights on the thing they lacked. How often are we focusing on what we are lacking instead of our blessings? 

  • “Success is not just breaking through with mindset, it’s also learning how to break your circumstances.” [12:14]

If you’re in a season of oppression right now in your life, whether that is physical, spiritual, marital, or emotional, one of the things to ask God is to reveal what is really happening in your life. So often we zoom in so close on what is happening to us that we can’t see past it to what God is calling us toward in this part of our life.  

  • “It’s not just scripture, it’s how God wired our physical beings.” [19:12]

Our brain has to believe something in order to create it. It can’t create a new reality based on us faking a belief. So our neurochemicals don’t fire until we speak things out as if they already exist. It’s always wild to me that this isn’t just spiritually wired, but God designed our brains that way. 

You’re not battling with yourself, you’re battling with the spirit of poverty which is generational.

The environment we grew up in, whether it was amazing or hell-on-earth, or somewhere in between – it doesn’t matter. Someone else’s truth about money, failure, worth, and success became your automations. These beliefs were repeated enough to be automated in your brain. 

So how do we break past a poverty mindset and rewire our brain (and our money story) for success? 

We have to call out the lie from the enemy that is causing us to live with a spirit of poverty. The lie has been repeated… it is automated… It’s now hardwired.  

But it’s not over. God has given us the science to change that automation and escape the lie from the enemy and live in the Truth, which God reveals to us when we spend time with him. 

And, once you know the truth, you’re able to refute the lie and rewire that path in your brain to automate success. 

What a powerful conversation with Adam! I’m so glad he came on The Epic Success Podcast to talk about overcoming the Spirit of Poverty and stepping into your God-given calling. 

If you’d like to hear more from Adam and go deeper with his teaching make sure you check out his podcast, Spirit Driven Success which releases two episodes a week!  

Also check out his membership, which you can join for only $1 for the first month where Adam gives you tangible strategies to overcome poverty mindset! 

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