Michelle Meyers is on a roll, and she is doing it HIS way.

Yes, you read that correctly! Michelle is the founder of She Works HIS Way, a community of Christian women who are learning how to run a biblically-based business while protecting their priorities. She is also the author of Famous in Heaven + at Home, the creator of She Works HIS Way mobile app and is soon re-opening the release of her quarterly Business Tracker – all with a family of three kids, a booming team, and a rock-solid Christian faith!

On this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, Michelle will be giving our tribe so many valuable tips and tricks on how to pursue a God-centered business.



Here are the key take-aways:


  • How she went from accidental entrepreneur to real entrepreneur (in order to make an impact the switch has to happen!).
  • How she guides her community members through harried times, so they can reach a place of peace and clarity.
  • What to do when you are faced with the decision of serving the kingdom verses increasing your finances.
  • How the pull yourself out of the “lonely leader” mindset.
  • Why people are really doing business with you (hint: it’s not just because you’re awesome).


Michelle urges us to make God the most important part of our personal and business lives, and the reason “why” will be crystal clear when you listen to this episode of the Epic Success Podcast.


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