You’ve built your website and set up your landing pages. Your Instagram profile is pristine and you’re actively promoting your business via Twitter. Yet, you just can’t seem to break through to the next level of followers, subscribers or clients. What to do next??? 


Enter Christina Nicolson, founder of Media Maven! Christina is an absolute Ninja at helping Entrepreneurs get their message out and enhance their impact in the world. Her new podcast, Becoming a Media Maven, is all about using her years of experience in the media world to help your brand reach more people while keeping your budget on point! 


Christina has been on the receiving end of countless media requests, so she knows the right words and contacts to help you level up your business! Today on the Epic Success Podcast, she shares her insider tips and breaks down how to get more value for your time!  





The biggest takeaways from this episode are: 


–      “Earned media is the biggest bang for your time” 

Out of paid media (ie. Facebook ads), owned media (ie. your own blog or website) and earned media (ie. TV interviews), nothing beats the third-party endorsement of earned media. Having a respected and well-known media outlet or online personality highlight your work can transform your business and position you as an authority in the field for new potential clients. [7:00]  


–      ”Find a way to insert your expertise into what is newsworthy” 

When reaching out to a media outlet for the first time, focus on their audience and the value you can bring to them. Rather than merely listing out your credentials, demonstrate your research into their past work and be timely with your pitch by connecting your work to the trending or relevant hot topics. [15:09] 


–        “Start with your own media, make sure it looks good” 

Once you are on their radar, media outlets will scope you out online to ensure that you are in line with their own brand and audience. As you send out pitches, get ahead by updating and polishing your social media and website. Plus, once you get invited on that news show or podcast, numerous potential clients will be checking out your digital presence to confirm that you are the best in your field! [27:20] 


Listen through to the end to hear Christina’s Top 3 media exposure tips for Entrepreneurs! 


Media exposure can be one of the missing links to jump-start your new business or breakthrough that 7-Figure threshold. As you reset your mindset, you will be open to new opportunities and ready to share your heart and wisdom with your clients. Spreading your message is a key part of this transition. You must increase your visibility to get your genius out to the world!     


Start reaching more of your ideal clients with the free Master Your PR e-Course on pitching, publicity and profits for Entrepreneurs! Follow Christina at @ChristinaAllDay to get a behind the scenes look at the life and business of a Media Maven! 



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