Do you want more people to really HEAR your authentic message? While you are sharing it in a way that creates LASTING change for them?

Then get ready!

We are excited to have best-selling author, business coach, speaker, speaker-trainer, and my dear friend, Christy Wright, back on the podcast. Today she is talking about recent trends she has observed in the online space as well as the importance of crafting a speaking arc. No matter what size platform you may have the opportunity to speak on, developing the full speaking arc connects with your audience so they can receive and act on the solution you’re offering.

Christy dives into the action steps for every speaking opportunity you have – from TikTok or Instagram reels to keynote presentations. 

Listen to this episode to uncover what you need to include in your speaking arc and how to incorporate each of the steps.

The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:

  1. Why unpacking the problem is critical. The best way to build the trust and prepare your audience for the content you have to share is by building a foundation of understanding where they are right now.

  2. The importance of a ONE-sentence thesis statement. Everything in your talk should point to your ONE statement.
  3. How to share action steps that lead to solutions. Not only does Christy share her favorite story formula but research backs up WHY stories are compelling.

Christy also shares about what NOT to do when you are presenting, how to finish your speaking arc, where to pitch, and so much more. 

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