Are you ready to dream big and actually plan out realistic steps to achieve that dream?  


Is your inner narrative aligning with your goals for your epic life and business? 


Today’s Epic Success Podcast episode will teach you how to rewire your subconscious and become a goal-achieving ninja! Join me as I chat with Alon David, creator and CEO of the 90x Goal Planner, about creating new beliefs on what you can achieve every day. 


Alon’s method motivates you to take action and crush your goals in the next 90 days.  



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:   

????     “The key is to be willing to do the hard stuff first”  

Success comes to you when you do anything and everything to reach your goals. Push through the negativity and use your hunger to thrive in your goal-setting. The difficulties you face on your entrepreneurial path build your tenacity to keep trying and striving for that next step. [9:55] 

????    “You have to believe that it is possible, you have to really want it” 

Align your thoughts with your goals to rewire your brain. Visualize your goal with every detail possible. Your thoughts are energy and they will fuel your motivation to go after what you want. [19:52] 

????    “Stop, pause and reflect” 

Plan out your reward and let it fuel you past each milestone. Reflect on what you have learned and then start crushing your next goal. [45:00] 


Get ready to listen as Alon himself walks you through the 90x goal planning system to success! 


Ask yourself: “If everything was reachable, what would I want?” Believe in what you want in your life and in your business. Then take that goal and multiply it 90x to push the boundaries on what you think is attainable.  


Shifting your mindset takes work and time, but you are worth it. Switch up your inner story and start the countdown to that epic life and business you deserve!   


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