So you’re trying to scale up your business but you keep hitting a wall. You’re pouring everything you got into it but it seems like no one around you truly understands your struggles. 


Well, I’ve got an awesome guest on the Epic Success Podcast who has been there and back! Lori Harder, author of the #1 best-selling book A Tribe Called Bliss and creator of Earn Your Happy podcast, reveals how to build your tribe and sustain a supportive group as you master your mind and level up in your business and life.    


Lori shares the secrets she learned as she knocked down her own walls and connected with the right people for her transformative Entrepreneurial Journey!



The biggest takeaways from this episode are: 


???? “My thoughts only went as far as the people around me” 

Rewriting your stories is a lot harder when the people around you are repeating your old stories back to you. Your brain is still working against you if the people in your life reinforce the limiting beliefs that you are ready to leave behind. The fastest way to challenge your own thoughts is to change up your environment and spend time with new friends who share different perspectives. [4:00] 


???? “I’m reaching my full potential because of my tribe” 

As you continue along your Entrepreneurial Journey, you will find different tribes that are aligned with the lessons and skills you need at each stage. Your tribe is the missing puzzle piece in your mindset shift. Supporting each other ultimately lifts you up to the next level in your business.  [9:46] 


???? “When you truly step into who you are with your tribe, that’s where the magic happens” 

Show up authentically with your tribe and in your business. Work through your old stories and priorities together to dig deeper and make the right decisions for you and your business. The tribe is a safe space to try out being your true self and share your heart. Allow yourself the opportunity to reach the highest version of yourself and create your Epic Life and Business! [23:38] 


Listen to the end to find out how to win your own FREE copy of A Tribe Called Bliss and start assembling your tribe! With its practical and genuine advice, this book has helped hundreds of women create stronger connections with each other and discover who they are beyond their old stories. Lori breaks down the steps to building your community and launching the next level of your life by becoming the kind of person you have always envisioned.   


Get ready to confront the limiting beliefs that are holding you and your business back! Create your 7-Figure Entrepreneurial Mindset surrounded by those who are ready to share your journey and encourage you to crush your goals. Show up with your whole self to overcome your fear-based thoughts and hardwire your success today! 


Check out and the EarnYourHappy podcast to turn your struggles into strengths. Connect with Lori for more tips and get started on building A Tribe Called Bliss! 



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